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We’ve selected the best Chicago caterers as rated by ezCater customers. Start here to find a caterer in Chicago for your next meeting or event. And yes, all caterers take orders online, and they all deliver!

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Authentic Mexican Food

(350 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

Team really enjoyed the food, and they even delivered during crazy Chicago weather!

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Tanoor Kabob

Mediterranean Grill

(452 Reviews)


Oak Lawn, IL

Decided to change it up for an office and those in attendance loved the food.

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Caffe Baci

Delectable Cuisine

(190 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

Really good boxed lunch options. I order them regularly.

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Best Mexican Cuisine

(611 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

Food was great, but they didn’t include enough chips

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The Pasta Bowl

Chicago's Favorite

(334 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

I am giving them 5 stars from all the compliments given by those who enjoyed the ordered lunch. I really am glad they didn't put too much of the various condiments on the sandwiches because it would have made them soggy for sure, but it would have been a nice touch to give extra so when it was time to eat, you could add more if you liked, next time I will request it. That is my only advice to those who order.

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Pizza Capri

Over 20 Years in Business

(791 Reviews)


Arlington Heights, IL

this is the best place to order from, always on time and great food

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Azteca Grill

South-of-the-Border Feast

(141 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

The food was delicious and driver arrived right on time! Perfect amount for everyone, although the guacamole went fast, I would suggest mentioning the portion size, so folks could add more if they want.

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Babycakes Gourmet

Inspired Gourmet Catering

(345 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

We always love Babycakes Gourmet. The menu has plenty of variety, as well as a range of options for convenience--from traditional buffet setup to grab-and-go.

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Zig Zag Kitchen

Italian & Mediterranean

(515 Reviews)


Chicago, IL

The cilantro lime salad is fantastic and is always a crowd pleaser,

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La Vida Catering

International Cuisine

(361 Reviews)

Adile Ayda

Park Ridge, IL

This group says it’s a fan favorite and fits the budget well!

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