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We’ve selected the best Boston caterers as rated by ezCater customers. Start here to find a caterer in Boston for your next meeting or event. And yes, all caterers take orders online, and they all deliver!

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Max's Deli Cafe

Elegant & Affordable

(568 Reviews)


Cambridge, MA

Max's food is the absolutely best! Great portion size and high-quality selections. My team loved the lunch today. Your driver was super-friendly and helpful in delivering and setting up.

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Mela Indian Restaurant

Chicken is Our Specialty

(245 Reviews)


Boston, MA

The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. We highly recommend it.

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Sam LaGrassa's

As Seen on Food Network!

(710 Reviews)


Boston, MA

food tasted great, people really like the pickles

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Thai North

Best Thai 2013 & 2014

(321 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Beef was a little overdone, but in general taste was good. Will order again.

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SA PA | Vietnamese Kitchen

Fresh And Flavorful

(371 Reviews)


Boston, MA

SA PA is a staple in the office lunch rotation. It is always so good and seems very fresh. We love it-- we order the build your own bowls :)

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Shawarma Falafel

Authentic Lebanese Food

(416 Reviews)


Burlington, MA

good was great and received a good amount of positive feedback! The delivery was on time and overall great experience

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Globally Inspired Burrito

(268 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Chips & Salsa are seriously the best! Cant stress it enough

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Uno Due Go

Make It Delicious

(651 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Sandwiches were good, but we got a variety and they weren't labeled, so it was kind of confusing for everyone

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Wicked Catering

Wicked Good

(267 Reviews)


Boston, MA

awesome awesome. should be called wicked good catering :)

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Trio Cafe

Harmony of Flavors

(421 Reviews)


Boston, MA

They had great food and we're on time!

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