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We’ve selected the best Waltham caterers as rated by ezCater customers. Start here to find a caterer in Waltham for your next meeting or event. And yes, all caterers take orders online, and they all deliver!

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Mama Lucia's

Classic Italian

(15 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Awesome food! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meatballs and stuffed shells and the dessert was yummy!

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Marsala's Italian Kitchen

Pizza, Pasta & More

(43 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Great food, we ordered chicken marsala and it was a hit.

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Boston Market

Homestyle Meals

(29 Reviews)


Newton, MA

This was my first time ordering from Boston Market. My team enjoyed the food. Will definitely order from them again.

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Phinix Mediterranean Kitchen

Mediterranean Grill

(203 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Everyone loved the food, it was fresh and delivered little earlier than scheduled. I will be ordering from them soon

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House of Kebabs

Greek, Pasta & More

(49 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Helpful delivery service with setting up the food.... something different and it was a big hit.

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Moody's Delicatessan & Provisions

Piled-High Sandwiches

(81 Reviews)


Boston, MA

All the sandwiches were amazing but the roast beef was the biggest hit. Great vegan/vegetarian options as well!

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Cricket Cafe & Catering

Sandwiches, Wraps & Salad

(47 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Food was good and arrived on time. Sandwich platters were generously portioned.

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Fresh, Delicious & Easy

(46 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

Everyone was happy with the food choices, from salads to hot entrees.

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Pho & Spice

Classic Asian Cuisine

(12 Reviews)


Boston, MA

phoa nd spice . .. . .. . . .

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Moe's Southwest Grill

Tex Mex Favorites

(76 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Absolutely perfect. So delicious and everyone loved it!

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