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Sensational Foods

Unique Catering

(467 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Food was good. They were about 20 min late, unfortunately. Would order from them again though.

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Flaming Pit

Pizza & Wood Fire Grill

(6 Reviews)


Lexington, MA

Delicious pizza delivered on tine with great service!

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Catering With Distinction

Your Moment, Our Passion

(5 Reviews)


Winchester, MA

Food was very good and when I arrived it was all set up in a nice professional way.

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Flame Cafe & Catering

Greek & Armenian Food

(261 Reviews)


Boston, MA

Food was great - a big hit with the staff

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Paul's Cafe & Catering

Fast. Fresh. Fantastic.

(59 Reviews)


Waltham, MA

The staff here completely enjoyed the meal and the delivery was right on time.

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Cha Yen Thai Cookery

Classic Thai Cuisine

(1 Reviews)


Boston, MA

This was my first time using EZ Cater. I'm glad to have found the site because it has opened up so many more options from which to choose for events and meetings requiring food. Che Yen Thai Cookery was fabulous! They were forthcoming about the selection that they could not offer but did an excellent job of offering an alternative which they did provide. (Who knew that students would be so excited to get fruit salad?) The food was very flavorful, especially the pad thai. The staff really, really liked their food and continue to ask me about them as well as when I'll be ordering from them again. Since this order, I've ordered from them again and will do so again in the future.

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