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Delish In A Dish

Gem of Loveland

(20 Reviews)


Cincinnati, OH

Everything was Delish! The team loved their choices!

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Tender Towne

Hot, Fresh, Chicken

(9 Reviews)


Cincinnati, OH

Update - ezcater gave us a credit to make up for the misunderstanding. AND Tender Town called me to explain. There are a couple different menus - one with fries in the solo meal, one (on ezcater) with Saratoga chips in the Solo meal. I'll know next time to either order vats of Saratoga chips, or request they be included with the solo meals. It's all good! Normally, Tender Towne is outstanding. This time we hit a snag. I ordered 24 solo boxes, which were supposed to have 3 tenders, sauce, and Saratoga chips. I also ordered coleslaw, and 3 trays of french fries. We were unhappy to find that there were french fries in each solo meal, instead of Saratoga chips, which we'd all really looked forward to. So, we had twice the french fries we needed, and had to throw out 1/2 of them. :( I hope our next order is better.

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