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We’ve selected the best Fairfax caterers as rated by ezCater customers. Start here to find a caterer in Fairfax for your next meeting or event. And yes, all caterers take orders online, and they all deliver!

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Shut Up and Eat Catering

Mediterranean Fusion

(64 Reviews)


Gaithersburg, MD

Delicious food - next to no left overs even though the portions are ample. They set up everything and make a presentation!!!

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Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Eat Well. Live Fresh.

(318 Reviews)


Fairfax, VA

Great as always, a big favorite at the office!

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P.F. Chang's

China Bistro

(74 Reviews)


Fairfax, VA

great presentation, food was very good, office liked the food

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Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Eat Well. Live Fresh.

(241 Reviews)


Ashburn, VA

Best way to feed a big office for a great price

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Gabriel Catering

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

(29 Reviews)


Bethesda, MD

They loved the food and everything arrived on time. I just wish the bacon would have been put in a long pan like the sausage.

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Shishkabob Catering

Mediterranean Fusion

(370 Reviews)


Fairfax, VA

The staff loved the food. Delivered on time! Will use again

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Angie's New York Pizza

Exotic Thin Crust

(105 Reviews)


Arlington, VA

The staff was impressed with the size of the pizza and the delicious wings. Thank you!

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Zoes Kitchen

Simple. Tasty. Fresh!

(240 Reviews)


Annandale, VA

Delicious and always a hit with the office.

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Boston Market

Homestyle Meals

(261 Reviews)


Manassas, VA

Forgot how much I enjoy Boston Market...old reliable!

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On The Border

Authentic Mexican Grill

(138 Reviews)


Fairfax, VA

First time ordering this. The chicken and steak fajitas were perfectly cooked and a good grade of meat. The guacamole was very good. Everyone loved the retried beans

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