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We’ve selected the best Bothell caterers as rated by ezCater customers. Start here to find a caterer in Bothell for your next meeting or event. And yes, all caterers take orders online, and they all deliver!

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Since 1977

(4 Reviews)


Woodinville, WA

EZ cater is awesome for helping to find me a caterer that delivers to this location. Potbelly is always delicious and on time. Thanks!

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Korean Rice Bowls

(1 Reviews)


Bellevue, WA

Good food, fine delivery. Was concerned this morning when i didn't receive the confirmation text

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Larry's Smokehouse

Famous Smoked Salmon

(2 Reviews)


Bothell, WA

The delivery was on-time. My team specifically asked for this.

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Eat Fresh

(1 Reviews)


Redmond, WA

Everyone love it. Arrived on time. Great food.

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Taco Del Mar

Where Baja Lives!

(3 Reviews)


Bothell, WA

I have to say that their food was much better than we were expecting. Really nice set up, great food and the delivery person was very polite and helpful.

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Parnita's Catering

Convenient Catering

(77 Reviews)


Bellevue, WA

Great baked potato bar and quality ingredients. Office loved the fresh food!

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BBQ Bowl Korean Barbecue

Modern Korean BBQ

(36 Reviews)


Bellevue, WA

Team was excited about having Korean BBQ, and they weren't disappointed!

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The Flying Kolache

Elevate Your Taste Buds

(4 Reviews)


Bothell, WA

Arrived at the perfect time. Everyone was surprised by the delicious pastries. Only one person had had them before so it was a nice new addition to a typical company meeting.

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Go!Teriyaki (by Teriyaki, etc!)

Office-Friendly Trays

(25 Reviews)


Seattle, WA

Lots of food left over. Pretty standard fare for Teriyaki.

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90 Degrees Bangkok Cafe

Tasty Thai Cuisine

(1 Reviews)


Lynnwood, WA

The food was amazing and the delivery was excellent. I will definitely be using 90 Degrees Bangkok Cafe again.

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